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Two Faces of the Coin - Do Rooye Sekke - دو روی سکه

Two Faces of the Coin - Do Rooye Sekke - دو روی سکه

Two Faces of the Coin - Do Rooye Sekke - دو روی سکه
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When a man is released from prison he suffers great hardship attempting to start all over again and adjust to society. Just when he believes he has finally got his life back together, with a new job coupled with the interest of a beautiful woman - a targeted mugging leaves him looking like a thief. Vowing to never return to the criminal life he was once a part of, he goes on a desperate search to locate the real culprits so he can clear his name. But how dangerous will this mission be? Who will believe in his innocence enough to help him? An astonishing tale about redemption and the allure of crime.

Amir gets released from jail after three years and starts working at a furniture store. He meets a girl named Homa who works at a bank. He decides to marry her, hence he becomes motivated to work harder and build a better future. One day when he is carrying ten million Rials with himself, he gets robbed. However, people around him are skeptical of his claims because of his criminal history. Amir starts searching for the thieves on his own and after various quarrels and incidents, he manages to prove himself innocent.

«امیر» پس از سه سال از زندان آزاد و به توصیه عمویش، مشغول به کار در یک مبل فروشی می شود. به زودی آشنایی اش با «هما» (که کارمند بانک است) و قرار ازدواج با او، سبب میشود تا با روحیه و جدیت بیشتری کارش را پیگیری کند.یک روز، وی به هنگام حمل یک میلیون تومان پول، مورد سرقت قرار میگیرد. سابقه او سبب میشود که حقیقت امر پذیرفته نشود. لذا «امیر» خود به جستجوی دزدها، برآمده و پس از ماجراها و درگیری ها، سرانجام موفق به ثبوت بیگناهی خود میشود.


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