Two Angels - Do Fereshteh - دو فرشته

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Two Angels - Do Fereshteh - دو فرشته

Two Angels - Do Fereshteh - دو فرشته

In the countryside of Iran, a poor fifteen year-old boy, called Ali, has frictions with his violent and retrograde religious father, Hussein. When Ali meets a shepherd playing Nay in the field, he falls in love with the music and steals the musical instrument from the man. He tells his mother that he is interested in leaning how to play the Nay and his mother sends him to a music school in Tehran. The naive Ali befriends the wealthy student of Daf Azar, who is also enthusiastic about music. When Hussein discovers that his son is playing the Nay, his stupidity leads the family to a tragedy.

Ali is a 15-year old teenager who is under pressure from his father to accomplish his religious duties, but he dreams of learning music. He who is obsessed with the sound of a shepherd's reed, steals it so that he can play it. The Shepherd helps and encourages him to go to Tehran to pursue music professionally. Ali leaves and decides to enter the Music Education Center in Tehran. The teachers, despite his enthusiasm for learning, need Ali's father's permission to be able to register him. However, Ali does not want to give up. At the Music Center, he falls in love with a student named Azar who is four years older than him. Upon their acquaintance, Ali meets her father who is a lovely person...

علی نوجوان پانزده ساله که با سختگیری همراه با تعصب پدرش در زمینه زندگی روزمره و انجام فرائض دینی اش روبرو است اما سودای آموختن موسیقی را در سر دارد. او که به شدت مجذوب نوای نی یک چوپان شده، ساز چوپان را میدزدد تا بتواند با آن بنوازد و چوپان او را در این کار یاری داده و ترغیبش می کند تا به طور جدی برای فراگیری موسیقی راهی تهران شود. علی چنین میکند و به قصد ثبت نام در مرکز آموزش موسیقی به تهران میرود. استادان گرچه شور و شوق او را شاهد هستند اما مطابق مقررات باید اجازه نامه پدر علی را برای ثبت نام داشته باشند. معهذا او حاضر نیست از هدفش دست بردارد.
علی در مرکز آموزش موسیقی، شیفته یکی از هنرجویان به نام آذر می شود، که چهار سال بزرگتر از علی است و از طریق آشنایی با آذر، پدر او را ملاقات می کند که شخصیتی دوست داشتنی تر از پدرش را دارد و حداقل او را سرزنش نمی کند...