Travelers - Mosaferan - مسافران

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Travelers - Mosaferan - مسافران

Travelers - Mosaferan - مسافران
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"We are all each other's dream..." This strange film from 1991 is more about the travel of bad news than the travellers themselves: opening with a family driving to Tehran for a relative's wedding. An accident occurs, just on the eve of the ceremony. As in 'A Cube of Sugar' we see death and marriage merge, towards an atmosphere more superstitious and surreal. The characters wait and wait, demented with grief. The mother of the young woman involved in the crash refuses to believe the family have died; one asks, what is her secret? What is it about the mirror in the car with them? With the claustrophobia of Bunuel's 'The Exterminating Angel', the film develops more like a Shakespearean horror, as one character after another arrives at the house, while one guest clutches her head and says "I dreamt this, all of this..."


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