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Train Conductor - Lokomotivran - لوكوموتيوران


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Train Conductor - Lokomotivran - لوكوموتيوران

Train Conductor - Lokomotivran - لوكوموتيوران

An old train conductor from the south is forced to leave his city upon the outbreak of Iran-Iraq war, but his son Omid and his son-in-law stay there to defend the town. They visit their family once and then no news is heard from them anymore. After losing his wife, the train conductor, his daughter and his ill granddaughter, Atiyeh, are waiting for his son and son-in-law. The war ends and the prisoners return but there is still no news of them. Eventually, one of the former prisoners, Dr. Shademan, tells the train conductor that his son Omid has been martyred and a few days later, the Martyrs' Headquarters inform him that his son-in-law has also been martyred. Dr. Shademan who was Omid's friend decides to operate Atiyeh, the old man's grandson. When she regains her consciousness, she thinks that Dr. Shademan is his father and addresses him by that name.


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