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Tragedy - Trazhedy - تراژدی

Tragedy - Trazhedy - تراژدی

Ghasem has a plan. With a wife twenty years younger than him and two children who depend on him for financial support until they can marry, he is in dire need of money. Concocting an elaborate scheme to stage a car accident, Ghasem hopes to ensnare some unfortunate individual, from whom he can then extort blood money to pay off his debts. The trouble with elaborate plans though is that they rarely go smoothly...

داستان مردی است به نام قاسم که برای جبران غرور از دست رفته اش تصمیم عجیبی می‌گیرد، حبیب نگرانش، زینت مردد و موسی سرگردان و پژمان بیخبر از همه چیز است اما اتفاق عجیبی در پیش است.