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Thirteen - Sizdah - سیزده

Thirteen - Sizdah - سیزده

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Thirteen - Sizdah - سیزده

Thirteen year-old Bemani struggles to deal with his parents' divorce in this striking coming-of-age film by Houman Seyyedi. Abused by his peers at school, Bemani seeks comfort in a group of older kids from the wrong side of the tracks. They welcome him into the fold, and soon Bemani becomes mixed up in a life of petty crime. When a shocking incident takes place, Bemani realizes that he has become embroiled in something far more complex than he could have imagined. A powerful story of teen rebellion and what it means to be an adolescent in contemporary Iran, 'Thirteen' received awards for Best Picture and Best Cinematography at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival.

Bemani is a teenage boy whose parents keep quarreling with each other. His mother leaves the house and he is confused. Bemani is afraid of his classmates' threats. On the way to school, he is aided by a criminal gang and goes along with them but a boy in the group does not tolerate his presence, and finally , because of a quarrel between Bemani and a girl in the gang, decides to bother the gang through an illegal drug dealer During the fight between the smuggler and the gang, Bemani is accused of murder. After some time spending in prison, the death of the girl clears up everything and he returns home.