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The Cart - Charkh - چرخ

The Cart - Charkh - چرخ

The Cart - Charkh - چرخ

When he loses his football playing with a couple of friends, Alireza is caught by a neighbour trying to get it back. Reporting the offence to his parents, Alireza soon finds himself disciplined for his inconsiderate behaviour. As punishment, his father makes him spend the whole day in his cart as it travels about the city. Through a small peephole, Alireza watches the world go by outside, and as he does, he is treated to a new perspective on life, one which may ultimately help him patch things up with his father.

Alireza is a nine years old boy who in accordance with his age, plays around too much. He constantly gets admonished by his parents because of this. In the last instance, when he gets on the neighbour's porch walls to get his ball, the neighbour makes so much of commotion that his parents have to think of other ways to control him. Now, Alireza has to go peddling with his father. But even this cannot prevent him from fooling around; during the work days, he makes a mess of the things. Most important of all, he once runs away with his father's cart full of pomegranates and the pomegranates fall off the ground. Nonetheless, this incident improves the ties between father and the son and ignites the beginning of a new relationship between them.

علیرضا پسرک ۹ سالهای که فراخور سن و سالش، بسیار پرجنب و جوش است و به همین جهت هم به طور مستمر مورد انتقاد والدینش واقع می شود... آخرین بار، وقتی علیرضا برای آوردن توپ همبازی اش از دیوار خانه همسایه بالا میرود، صاحب خانه چنان جنجالی در محله به پا میکند که والدین علیرضا ناچار از تدبیر تازهای در محدود کردن او می شوند...
علیرضا از این پس با تصمیم والدینش باید روزها را با پدرش که دستفروش است بگذراند. اما موقعیت جدید هم مانع شور و تحرک او نمی شود و به هنگام کسب و کار پدر، ماجراهایی رخ میدهد که علیرضا فرد اصلی و مسبب تبعات آنهاست... مهمترین آنها، فرار با چرخ حاوی سرمایه پدر و انارهایی که دانه دانه بر کف خیابان سقوط می کنند... مع هذا این ماجراها باعث ارتباط بهتر، پدر و پسر و آغاز روابط تازهای در زندگی شان می شود...