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The Yellow Rose - Roze Zard - رز زرد

The Yellow Rose - Roze Zard - رز زرد

The Yellow Rose - Roze Zard - رز زرد
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Two newly-wed couples head to the north of Iran to experience their honeymoons. They eventually meet and decide to continue their journey together. A journey which starts joyfully but gradually becomes a terrifying night on the road, ultimately resulting in a momentous challenge the couples have to overcome. Heartbreakingly torn between their fears and their love, it is a test of character for all involved. Thrilling and spine-tingingly riveting throughout.

داستان دربارهٔ دو عروس و داماد است که در شب عروسی شان سفری را آغاز کرده و در منزل های بعدی در مسیر راه با هم آشنا می شوند ولی...


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