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The Wooden Bridge - Pole Choobi - پل چوبی

The Wooden Bridge - Pole Choobi - پل چوبی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

The Wooden Bridge - Pole Choobi - پل چوبی

Wooden Bridge was a passage over the northern trench of old Tehran, connecting the capital to the countryside of Shemiran. A connection between old Tehran and modern Tehran.

امیر (بهرام رادان) و شیرین (مهناز افشار) قصد مهاجرت دارند. در تب و تاب پیش از انتخابات، تنها راهی که دارند اعتماد به پیشنهاد کمک استاد قدیمی شان صبوحی (مهران مدیری) است که در آن مقطع به دلیل علاقه قدیمی صبوحی به شیرین، امیر با آن مخالفت کرده. شیرین میرود و کارها به دلیل حوادث پس از انتخابات و متعاقب آن دستگیری خواهر امیر و بازگشت نازلی (هدیه تهرانی) عشق قدیمی اش، بیش تر گره می خورد…

In their tenth anniversary, Amir and Shirin intend to emigrate from Iran. In the heat of the presidential election, they face immigration problems. There is just one solution left: Shirin accepts the help of their old university professor, Kamran Sabouhi, and goes to him to make the visa arrangements in Dubai. Despite his initial disapproval due to Sabouhi’s affection to Shirin, Amir agrees to the plan eventually and Shirin leaves just one month away from the election. In the post election events, everything gets more complicated: Amir’s sister, Aida, is arrested and his old love, Nazli, comes back to him after ten years…