The White Balloon - Badkonake Sefid - بادکنک سفيد

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The White Balloon - Badkonake Sefid - بادکنک سفيد

The White Balloon - Badkonake Sefid - بادکنک سفيد

A little girl is given money on New Year’s to buy a goldfish. She has an hour and a half to buy one but her money gets trapped underneath an iron grate. A number of strangers try to help her and try to hustle the girl for her money. The innocent little girl learns how important negotiation is in her small town.

زمان تحویل سال نو نزدیک است.راضیه از مادرش پول میگیرد تا برای سفره هفت سین ماهی قرمز بخرد، اما پولش بین راه گم میشود. او در جستجوی پول گمشده اش با کسانی آشنا میشود؛ کسانی که نمی توانند سر سفره هفت سین در کنارش باشند، اما هریک به نوعی سعی میکنند تا راضیه را یاری کنند که به مقصودش دست یابد.

The new year is coming. Razieh gets some money from her mother to buy a red fish for the Haft-Sin (a tablecloth provided for the Persian new year including seven things which all start with letter S) but she loses the money on her way. When she is searching for the money, she meets people who can not be with her on the new year but they try to help her reaching her goal.