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The Wage - Dastmozd - دستمزد


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The Wage - Dastmozd - دستمزد

The Wage - Dastmozd - دستمزد

After a failed assassination attempt on Esfandiar Ilkhani, his would-be killers, including Esfandiar's own son, are sentenced to death, stirring up tensions between families in the region. An attempt to return their sons' bodies to their birthplace culminates in a bloody confrontation between Esfandiar and Morad, the father of the other executed boy. As gangland war threatens to engulf the region, each tries to avenge themselves upon the other, but this is a game with no victors, and the two families' struggle could affect the lives of many more besides.

Two helpless destitute men, one old and the other one young, get paid to take the responsibility of stealing and carrying two dead bodies to a village in the West and giving them to their owners. They sucessfully finish carrying out the first part of their mission, and then hide the bodies in some instruments' cases and continue heading to the West as stray musicians. The journy is not over when the elder man realizes that one of the corpses belongs to his missing child...

دو مرد درمانده و نیازمند، یکی سالمند و دیگری جوان، با گرفتن دستمزد مأموریت سرقت دو جسد و حمل آن به روستایی در غرب و تحویل به صاحبان آن را می پذیرند. آنها با موفقیت مرحله اول مأموریتشان را به انجام رسانده و سپس جنازه ها را درون جعبه ساز مخفی کرده و به عنوان نوازنده دوره گرد، به سوی غرب حرکت می کنند. هنوز سفر پایان نیافته که مرد سالمند متوجه می شود که یکی از اجساد، متعلق به فرزند گمشده اش است.