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The Unfinished Song - Qateye Natamam - قطعه ناتمام


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The Unfinished Song - Qateye Natamam - قطعه ناتمام

The Unfinished Song - Qateye Natamam - قطعه ناتمام

Unfinished Song stars Ali-Reza Anoushfar as Farhad, a young musicologist who returns to his birthplace to record and preserve the region's traditional folk songs. When he gets there, he discovers that of the region's once-rich musical tradition, only a few songs are still performed, mainly because women are banned from singing. He also finds out about a woman named Heyran (Ghogha Bayat) who has been imprisoned for that very reason and he becomes determined to find her and record her voice. His meetings with her in jail open up another mystery that connects his family to hers and reveals how her steadfast love of music has doomed her to a life of persecution.

Farhad Taherkhani who is a young music scholar, goes to his hometown to collect the lost voices of women in Khorasan. While traveling among the villages of Khorasan, he finds out that the only voice heard from women are lullabies for their children and monodies for those who have passed away. No one remembers old songs. As an offer from his professor, Farhad goes after a woman called Jeiran who can sing for him. His investigations show that Jeiran was arrested some time ago for the charge of singing, and now lives in Sabzevar. He goes to Jeiran and when she hears about his name and intentions, refuses to sing by aggression. Farhad soon realizes that his father was once in love for Jeiran, but through an accident, he leaves her. Jeiran's son, Rasoul, tries to convince her to sing for Farhad and helps him in finishing his research work.

فرهاد طاهر خانی، محقق جوان موسیقی کشور برای جمع آوری آواهای گمشده محلی زنان خراسان، راهی زادگاهش می شود و با سفر به روستاهای خراسان درمی یابد که تنها صدایی که از زنان به گوش می رسد آوای لالایی برای کودکان و یا مرثیه سرایی در مرگ عزیزان است، هیچ کس دیگر آوازهای قدیمی را به خاطر نمی آورد. معهذا فرهاد به سفارش استادش در جست وجوی زنی به نام جیران است که می تواند برای او بخواند. پیگیری های فرهاد نشان می دهد که مدتی است جیران به جرم آوازخوانی در زندان سبزوار به سر می برد. فرهاد به دیدار جیران می رود و جیران وقتی نام او و هدفش را می شنود، با عکس العمل تند از خواندن سرباز میزند. فرهاد به زودی پی میبرد که پدرش، زمانی عاشق جیران بوده، اما به دلیل بروز حادثه ای، او را ترک کرده است. رسول، تنها پسر جیران، که ابتدا برخورد سردی با فرهاد داشت تلاش می کند تا رضایت مادرش را برای خواندن آواز و تکمیل کار تحقیقی فرهاد، به دست آورد.