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The Twelve Seats - Davazdah Sandali - دوازده صندلی


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The Twelve Seats - Davazdah Sandali - دوازده صندلی

The Twelve Seats - Davazdah Sandali - دوازده صندلی

The eighth feature film of Esmael barari being adapted from "The twelve Chairs" novel by soviet authors Ilia Ilf and Yevgeni Petrove released in 1928. This novel has adapted to film between 1933 to 2004 for 17 times until now.

No sane person hides his valuables in the back seat of his car, therefore, Hoveyda, Iran’s prime minister during Pahlavi’s reign was not sane! A breathtaking race for the discovery of Hoveyda’s car begins… Twelve chairs, twelve Peykan, good guys, not so good guys, Hoveyda, love, money, politics, social history, psychology, pursuit, comedy, lies, conspiracy and even death! Who will reach Hoveyda’s valuables?


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