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The Traveller - Mosafer - مسافر


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The Traveller - Mosafer - مسافر

The Traveller - Mosafer - مسافر

The story of Hassan Darabi, a troublesome, amoral 10-year-old boy in a small Iranian town. He wishes to see the Iran national football team play an important match in Tehran. In order to achieve that, he scams his friends and neighbors. After a number of adventures, he finally reaches Tehran stadium at the time of the match. The film addresses the boy's determination in his goal and his indifference to the effects of his actions on other people, particularly those who are closest to him. In its element, the film is an examination of human behavior and the balance of right and wrong.

A man is in love with a girl, but because of his impending death, he stays away from her. Later, when the man finds out that the girl was hurt by his actions, he tries to win her back.

مردی شیفته ی دختری می شود. اما چون مرگش قریب الوقوع است دختر را از خود دور می کند . بعد مرد چون میفهمد دختر از او رنجیده است ، سعی می کند. از او دلجویی کند. وقتی دختر باز میگردد و به سراغ مرد می رود که دیر شده و او درگذشته است.