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The Stranger - Gharibeh - غریبه


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The Stranger - Gharibeh - غریبه

The Stranger - Gharibeh - غریبه

Bahram Partowi, a retired employee of the municipal office, now spends his time wandering aimlessly around, visiting friends and former colleagues. Worried about his listless state of mind, the people close to him advise him to seek gainful employment in order to inject his life with some fresh meaning. As Bahram pursues his new calling, he finds himself drifting from place to place, working for his son-in-law's construction company, where the executives try to persuade him to engage in illicit activities. Comedy-drama about the wandering trails of a man looking to rediscover the stranger he has become.

بهرام پرتوی كارمند شهرداری پس از بازنشسته شدن احساس بطالت می كند. مدتی را به پارك نشینی و خیابان گردی و دیدار دوستان می گذراند. به توصیه اطرافیان نزد دامادش كه مهندس شركت ساختمانی است، مشغول به كار می شود، اما..

Costume Designer
Maliheh Saeidi
Set Designer
Maliheh Saeidi