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The Stamp Album - Albome Tambr - آلبوم تمبر


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The Stamp Album - Albome Tambr - آلبوم تمبر

The Stamp Album - Albome Tambr - آلبوم تمبر

Mohammad and Kazem who lives in a village of Yazd province, called Rabat Mehr-Jan, starts collecting an enchanting and rare album of postage stamps. They do their "nice and secret" philately without Mohammad's father being aware of it. Mohammad's father is the head of the Post and Telegraph Company. Mohammad becomes sick and the stamp album goes missing somewhere in Mohammad's basement. This makes him suspicious of Kazem and it makes them seperated. Mohammad's father is transferred to Yazd and when they are evacuating the house, Kazem brings a stamp album, gives it to Mohammad's sister and says that Mohammad was not wrong in suspecting Kazem to be unfaithful. The day after, Mohammad's father gives his son two stamp albums and admonishes his son for secret philately. His father tells his son that it was him who took the album, not Kazem. Mohammad is now feeling embarrassed and mortified. Mohammad is also too upset and chagrined to learn that Kazem had to come up with a new album in order for their relationship to maintain. Mohammad is now determined to make it up to Kazem and apologize to him. He asks for his father's permission. At first, the father demurs, but he finally consents and lets his son go to Rabat Mehr-Jan to apologize to Kazem.


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