The Spring - Bahar - بهار


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The Spring - Bahar - بهار

The Spring - Bahar - بهار

During Iran-Iraqi war Hamed who has missed his parents in an air raid on his city Bostan is taken to the north to a war refugee's camp. An old man who his work is guarding the jungle take the responsibility of him. Soon an emotional relationship is found between them.

"بستان" بمباران و سپس اشغال می شود . کودک پدر و مادرش را گم میکند و توسط اردوگاه مہاجرین جنگی به شمال کشور منتقل و در آنجا سرپرستی اش را جنگلبان پیری به عهده می گیرد . کودک که در محیطی ناآرام و پرتلاطم به محیطی سرشار از ارامش امده است. او اگرچه لحظه ای از فکر شهر و خانواده اش غافل نیست، ولی متدرجا" پیگیر زندگی جنگلبان پیر می شود. که سالهای پیش همسرش را از دست داده است. هر دو تنہا ھستند و کود کا متدرجا" به جنگلبان نزدیکتر می شود و حتی به او کمک میکند که سارقین درخت های جنگل را پیدا کند . در اینحال کودک هنوز بیم بمباران و نگرانی خانواده را با خود دارد، بیمار و بستری میگردد. از سوی دیگر رزمندگان در نبردی سخت، سرانجام بستان را آزاد می کنند. کودک در یک صبح بہاری از راد یو خبر آزادی بستان را می شنود . . . او حالا سلامت خود را بازیافته است .

Bostan is bombarded and then occupied shortly afterwards. A kid loses his parent. He is transferred to the north by the war migrants' camp where he is taken over by an old ranger. After experiencing turbulent conditions, the child has finally entered a peaceful environment. Although he is in thoughts of his city and his family back there, he continually follows the life of the old man who had lost his wife years ago. Both of them are alone and the kid gets more intimate with the ranger as the time goes on. Even he helps him to find the robbers of the forest trees. After some time, the child who is still worrying about his family and the bombardments, gets sick and hospitalized. On the other hand, the fighters eventually release Bostan in a tough battle. In a morning of spring, the child hears the news of Bostan's freedom from the radio. He has now regained his health.


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