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The Spouse - Hamsar - همسر

The Spouse - Hamsar - همسر

The Spouse - Hamsar - همسر
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When Reza Soltani finds himself working at the same company as Shirin, his wife, he has doubts about how well things will go. For a while, all flows smoothly, until Shirin is promoted over Reza. In the workplace, away from the rigorous structures of the domestic space, Reza now finds himself reporting to his wife, the new boss. When Shirin incurs the wrath of a law suit, Reza does his best to set her straight. This thoughtful drama offers an intriguing look into the power struggle at the heart of the battle of the sexes.

Shirin and her husband Ahmad work in a pharmaceutical company. Shirin, with the help of his friend, uncovers a network of embezzlement, which is followed by dismissal of the CEO of the company. The board of directors chooses Shirin as the managing director. Her husband who can not tolerate the presidency of his wife, takes the work conflicts home.

« شیرین» و شوهرش «احمد» در یک شرکت دارویی کار میکنند. «شیرین» به کمک دوستش از یک شبکه اختلاس پرده برمی دارد و در پی آن مدیرعامل شرکت از کارش برکنار می شود. هیأت مدیره شرکت، « شیرین» را به عنوان مدیر عامل برمیگزینند. شوهر که تحمل ریاست همسرش را ندارد، درگیریها را به خانه می کشاند...


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