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The Sound Of My Foot - Sedaye Paye Man - صدا‌ی پا‌ی من


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The Sound Of My Foot - Sedaye Paye Man - صدا‌ی پا‌ی من

The Sound Of My Foot - Sedaye Paye Man - صدا‌ی پا‌ی من

A medal-winning runner, living in a border village, Danial loses his foot to a landmine. His dad provides him with foot prosthesis. But it is the new foot that begins talking to him about a promise made by a kind angel: The foot will turn to a real one in case it could be a good one…

Danial is the winner of track and field in one of the borderline villages who loses his foot because of a land mine. He passes his depression period with the help of his teacher, his family and a prosthetic foot that talks. The prosthetic foot wishes to be real and become smelly in a shoe! A kind angel promises that if he is a good foot for the child, she will turn him into a real foot. On the night of the competition, the prosthetic leg is lost; Danial’s rival has stolen it.


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