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The Sleeping Lion - Shire Khofteh - شیر خفته


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The Sleeping Lion - Shire Khofteh - شیر خفته

The Sleeping Lion - Shire Khofteh - شیر خفته
User Rating

The Iranians are not satisfied and frustrated by the injustice of the foreigners, especially Russian and British officials. People from all social classes, from clerics, merchants, and traders to peasants, all came together and united against their exploitation and mistreatment by the foreigners. Foreigners, in their turn, used their influence in state apparatus to arrest, punish and exile their dissidents. Even the local government couldn't resist the influence of foreign powers and adopt a firm policy. It was at this point that the judgement against tobacco was issued by the influential clerics who had a large following among the people and even among the governing elite. The Iranian nationalist advantaged from this event and organized a protest in front of the Shah's palace. Eventually, Nasser ed-Din Shah gave way to the protestors and annulled the tobacco monopoly. Thus the Iranian nationalist gained their first victory against the foreigners.


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