The Sicilian - Sisiliha - سیسیلیها

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The Sicilian - Sisiliha - سیسیلیها

The Sicilian - Sisiliha - سیسیلیها
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Though he comes from a poor area south of Tehran, Sia has always loved Italy. Dubbed 'Sia Sicily' by his friends, he makes a meagre living as a petty crook and conman, but dreams of one day living up to the wealth and status of his favoured nation. His chance comes when one day he is offered to help his friend Sohrab with a 'big job', one which could set him up for life. Rohollah Hoseini directs this tale of two lowborn men who seize the opportunity to better themselves, and a strong central relationship helps elevate this crime drama above other such genre mainstays.

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