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The Sergeant - Goroohban - گروهبان

The Sergeant - Goroohban - گروهبان

The Sergeant - Goroohban - گروهبان

Ravaged physically and psychologically by the war, sergeant Rostam Darre Kalaye is retired to go back to his family in the northern part of Iran. During his long absence, his wife Golbakht and their son had to work in sergeant brother's auto service. Initially delighted by return of his husband, Golbakht gradually finds his husband a handful stranger. Sergeant hears from his old friend , a retired major sergeant, that his piece of land has been taken by Nasser khan. Sergeant is bent on retrieving what he believes to be still belonging to him, but aside from his son and friend, nobody stands by him and when begins to work in his land, he is harshly thrashed by Nasser's men. It's around the time The Soviet Union has opened its borders just before its downfall, and Golbakht's old mother, originally an immigrant from Caucasus decides to cross the borders to revisit her homeland. Golbakht that finds his silent husband beyond her tolerance decides to leave him and their son and accompany ...

رستم، گروهبان بازنشسته ی ارتش، با خاتمه ی جنگ در وضع روحی ناراحت به زادگاهش بازمی گردد. همسر او كه سرپرستی فرزندشان را به عهده داشته در كارگاه تعویض روغنی برادرش به كار مشغول است. رستم تصمیم می گیرد زمینی راكه سال ها پیش قول نامه كرده پس بگیرد، اما