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The Santoor Player - Santouri - سنتوری

The Santoor Player - Santouri - سنتوری

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and +20 more languages

The Santoor Player - Santouri - سنتوری

Ali is a well-renowned santoor player and music teacher whose concerts are the talk of the community. He also secretly nurtures a heroin addiction, and supports his habit by playing at weddings and parties after he was disowned by his wealthy and reputable family. The film charts his decline into despondency as his addiction grows increasingly worse and takes a sizable toll on both his career and personal life. The movie even ventures into gritty shantytowns and the haunts of homeless drug addicts. 'Santoori' is an emotional and intensely watchable drama about one man's downward spiral and the agonising steps he must take towards redemption. Starring internationally acclaimed actress Golshifteh Farahani, Dariush Mehrjui's incisive drug addiction movie is also a must-see for Bahram Radan's brilliant performance which won him the Best Actor Award at the 2007 Fajr International Film Festival.

Ali who comes from a noble and religious family, is highly interested in playing Santur., Ali inevitably has to make a choice between his family or his Santur. He chooses santur; so he is rejected by his family. However, soon he gains a reputation as a successful player and holds huge concerts. At the peak of his success, Ali falls in love and gets married. Despite that, he gradually turns into a drug addict due to inadvertence and negligence, and from then on he is entangled in a web of miseries. He has not the permission of giving concerts anymore; therefore, he starts singing and playing in the weddings to earn a living. One day he enters into a conflict, and his Santur is broken. Then, he turns into a tramp, whose wife has also abandoned him. He joins the homeless people. Finally, his parents rescue him; they take him to an addiction treatment center. After that, Ali once again starts playing Santur; although, this time with the peace of mind.

«علی» از یک خانواده ی مذهبی و بازاری است و به « سنتور» علاقه ی زیادی دارد، وقتی شیفتگی او فاش می شود، ناچار بین خانواده و سنتور، دومی را انتخاب کرده و از خانواده رانده می شود. « علی» در موسیقی چنان تبحری پیدا می کند که شهره ی عام و خاص می شود و کنسرت هایش با استقبال غیرمنتظره ای روبرو می شود.
«علی» در اوج موفقیت، عاشق می شود و ازدواج می کند، اما در غفلت و بی توجهی رفته رفته به دام اعتیاد گرفتار شده و سپس بدبیاری هایش آغاز می شود، کنسرت هایش مجوز نمی گیرد و ناگزیر برای ادامه ی زندگی از طریق خواندن و نواختن در عروسی ها زندگی را می گذراند. امّا یک روز در یک درگیری، سازش می شکند و از آن پس او، که همسرش نیز رهایش کرده است، آواره شده و به کارتن خواب ها می پیوندد، امّا سرانجام خانواده به یاریش شتافته و او را به آسایشگاه ترک اعتیاد می برند و از این پس علی بدون دغدغه، بار دیگر سنتور می نوازد.