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The Salesman - Forushandeh - فروشنده


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The Salesman - Forushandeh - فروشنده

The Salesman - Forushandeh - فروشنده

An apartment building in Tehran appears to be ready to collapse, and the residents, who include the film's married protagonists, Emad (Shahab Hosseini) and Rana (Taraneh Alidoosti), are rushing out of there as if for their very lives. Emad and Rana are forced to find another apartment, and they quickly do, moving into a shabby but spacious flat built onto the roof of a nearby building. But the queasy karma of that nearly imploding structure carries over to the new place. The former tenant leaves half her stuff there and refuses to come get it. When they ask why, the answer hinges on the fact that she is, as it is euphemistically phrased in Tehran, a woman of many male companions (in other words, a prostitute). The inconvenience nags, and then something happens that nudges the annoyance into darker terrain... Rana, home alone, hears the intercom, and buzzes in the person she assumes is Emad, only he isn’t.

فیلم برنده اسکار فروشنده ساخته اصغر فرهادی داستان زوجی بازیگر تیاتر است است که با نشست خانه شان مجبور می شوند به خانه ای دیگر نقل مکان کنند .همه چیز خوب پیش می رود تا اینکه در شبی که شوهر در خانه حضور ندارد حادثه ای ادامه زندگی آنها را دستخوش اتفاقاتی میکند...