The Sale - Haraj - حراج


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The Sale - Haraj - حراج

The Sale - Haraj - حراج

Fariba Khademi is captivating as the indomitable Forough, who finds herself forced to sell her possessions after her husband is sent to jail for failing to pay his second wife’s dowry. Pressured by her rival to sell her home, Forough tries her best to convince the young woman otherwise. Forough, with the support of her friend Nasrin, must also process some startling news. This intriguing film examines the complicated relationships between women in polygamous marriages.

فروغ بعد از بیست سال زندگی مشترک با شوهرش می فهمد که او سه سال با زنی به نام ساغر رابطه داشته و بعد از اینکه ورشکسته شده، ساغر مهریه اش را به اجرا گذاشته و مشکات فعلاً در زندان است. فروغ برای خروج از بحران پیش آمده، تمام وسائل خانه اش را به حراج می گذارد تا…

A middle-aged woman is a talented painter whose life is in crisis and her husband is in jail. She tries to save her family from this crisis by selling all her belongings, even her own clothes.