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The Rooster Trademark Paper - Kaghaze Khoroos Neshan - كاغذ خروس نشان


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The Rooster Trademark Paper - Kaghaze Khoroos Neshan - كاغذ خروس نشان

The Rooster Trademark Paper - Kaghaze Khoroos Neshan - كاغذ خروس نشان

This movie follows the efforts of three kids, coming from unprivileged families. They are small children with big hopes and dreams. Amir is a young boy who lives with his mother and sister. He sells newspapers to help his family with the daily expenses. One day, he reads a newspaper and decides to enter a painting competition. The paper he is going to paint on is known as Rooster Trademark paper. Ali is Amir's best friend. His passion is football and he works in a bakery. Every day between his jobs, he goes to a football field where young boys practice to become professional football players. Maryam is Amir's sister. She is a creative girl and dreams of becoming a filmmaker. She manages to enrol in a class with the help of one of the neighbours and...

سه کودک از خوانواده‌های فقیر آرزو‌های بزرگی دارند

Three kids in the 70s are trying to achive their hopes and dreams with hard work, and to make it happen, we the adults also need to help them.

Maryam Milani
Shahram Pourasad, Shayan Jalali, Alireza Samimi-Moghadam, Parnia Alipanahi, Roya Bakhtiyari ( رویا بختیاری ), Danial Ebadi (دانیال عبادی), Nima Ensafian, Narges Milani
Maryam Milani


iran proud