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The Robbery - Serghat - سرقت

The Robbery - Serghat - سرقت

The Robbery - Serghat - سرقت

امیر بعد از آزادی از زندان به سراغ اموالی میرود که قبلا آن ها را دزدیده و در جایی پنهان کرده است. او قصد دارد اموال مسروقه را به صاحبان شان برگرداند که در این مسیر با زنی به نام حمیرا آشنا میشود و…

Nasser is a small-time criminal that makes a living by stealing tire covering and car stereo. While during a theft, he opens the car’s door and finds Davood sitting in the car. They are surprised to see each other, but have to flee together when the car’s owner shows up and it becomes apparent that they both are criminals. Their argument on dividing the money and the car’s part reaches nowhere; after a brief struggle, Davood knocks out Nasser. When Nasser is unconscious, Davood who is called David by his friends takes him to his house. In the house, Firoozeh, Davood’s sister heals Nasser and the two fall in love with each other. Davood and Nasser decide to sell the car but Nasser finds the owner’s driving license. Davood finds out that the car belongs to Mojgan; the daughter of the owner of the company that he used to work for and loved, but with Davood’s imprisonment, Mojgan disappeared. He calls Mojgan. Mojgan asks him to bring the car to her in the north of Iran. Davood and Nasser decide to go to the North and in order not to seem suspicious, they take Firoozeh with them. Nasser’s interest in Firoozeh causes him to bring his mother, so that she can become familiar with Firoozeh. But Nasser’s mother start arguing with Firoozeh from the beginning. While these four are on their way to the North, Jamshid follows them and is in contact with someone he calls Boss and gives him a minute-to-minute report of the car. They stay at a hotel but Nasser and Davood spend the night in the car. In the morning when Nasser goes inside the hotel and Davood steps out of the car to call Mojgan, Nasser’s mother and Firoozeh take the car for shopping and sightseeing. Nasser and Davood think the car has been stolen and get into a fight with Jamshid who has been following them. The harsh behavior of Nasser’s mother causes Firoozeh to lose her concentration and crash the car. While processing the crash site, the police finds out that ...