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The Rich And The Poor - Dara O Nadar - دارا و ندار


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The Rich And The Poor - Dara O Nadar - دارا و ندار

The Rich And The Poor - Dara O Nadar - دارا و ندار

Saeed is a teenage boy who has heart problems and needs surgery as soon as possible. His classmates who are aware that Saeed can not afford his heart surgery, make a campaign called 'Sohrab'. They with the help of their older friends, rub and steal some money for Saeed so he can have his surgery and meanwhile they get into lots of trouble.

سعید پسر نوجوانی است كه بدلیل ابتلا به بیماری قلبی به توصیه پزشك معالج نیاز فوری به عمل جراحی دارد. دوستان هم مدرسه ای سعید كه از عدم توانایی او در مورد پرداخت مخارج جراحی مطلع هستند، گروهی به نام سهراب را تشكیل می دهند.


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