The Revolt - Toghyan - طغیان


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The Revolt - Toghyan - طغیان

The Revolt - Toghyan - طغیان

Teymoor, who is just back from Europe, pays no attention to the post-revolution changes in Iran and only thinks of his deep-rooted aim, which is gaining wealth and living his life freely. However, Omid, Teymoor’s only son, does not think like his father at all and he always wants to help others. By the beginning of the war, Omid witnesses people sacrificing their lives, so that he changes his approach toward life. Omid’s new attitude makes his father uneasy and anxious. Despite that, Omid is determined and this sets the ground for the conflicts and quarrels between the father and son, finally Omid leaves home. He goes to the frontlines and soon,he becomes martyr. Thereby, Teymoor is afflicted by an apoplectic stroke and his sister, being tempted by the idea of grabing all her brother’s wealth while Omid is away, poisons Teymoor and kills him. As he was just injured during the war, Omid returns home after being recovered. The aunt, being afraid of her secret divulgence, is going to leave home; however, she dies through an incident. Omid cannot be in the front lines any more, since he is not fully recovered. Nevertheless, he devotes all of his wealth and founds an equipped hospital, so to pay his debts to the war and to the people involved in it.

تاجر ثروتمندی به نام تیمور، که سال ها در اروپا زندگی می کرده، پس از انقلاب و با آغاز جنگ وارد کشور می شود فرزندش، امید، همزمان با اوج جنگ برای انجام یک معامله تجاری، به خواست پدر، به باختران می رود پس از بازگشت امید که تحت تأثیر بردباری و از خود گذشتگی مردم قرار گرفته تصمیم می گیرد به جبهه برود...


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