The Poor Lover - Asheghe Faghir - عاشق فقیر


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The Poor Lover - Asheghe Faghir - عاشق فقیر

The Poor Lover - Asheghe Faghir - عاشق فقیر

A film director lives in a village in the north of the country. He is making a movie with the help of the villagers to present it at Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran. The movie does not succeed in the festival. The director's father and other villagers blame him for the failure. Everyone wants him to give up on art and find another decent job, but the director's thoughts are plagued by the oppressed and homeless kids all around the world, from Palestine, Bosnia and so on.

Hashemian, a captain from a religious family, unwillingly joins a number of retired military men who are planning to overthrow the regime. Badri, his fiancee, along with his brother, who is in the Revolutionary Guard, figure out their plan accidentally and try to prevent Hashemian from doing so. She eventually manages to save him, and the rest of the traitors get arrested.

سروان هاشمیان که از یک خانواده مذهبی است ناخواسته به جمع یک عده از ارتشیان بازنشسته و پاکسازی شده که قصد براندازی دارند، میپیوندد. بدری، نامزد او به همراهی برادر خود که در سپاه پاسداران خدمت میکند، طی حادثه ای پی به ماجرا میبرند و سعی میکنند هاشمیان را از
این کار باز دارند. در نهایت موفق به نجات او شده و بقیه خیانتکاران دستگیر می شوند.


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