The Peddler - Dastforoush - دستفروش


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The Peddler - Dastforoush - دستفروش

The Peddler - Dastforoush - دستفروش

An anthology film with three parts that explores the lives of poor and desperate in Iran. In episode one, a very poor couple disabled children abandon their newly born baby in hopes that the baby will have a better future. In the second episode, a mentally impaired and isolated young man tries to take care of his senile mother who is almost dead. In the third episode, a coward and desperate peddler tries to escape from his boss.

The movie consists of three episodes with social themes, while being a philosophical journey through the people's relations in the lower levels of the social pyramid. In one of the stories, a peddler who is working with a smuggling group is threatened by them because they suspect him of leaking information.

دستفروش یک فیلم سه اپیزودی است که مضمونی اجتماعی دارد و در عین حال سیری است فلسفی در روابط آدمہای سطوح پایین اجتماع . در یکی از قصه ها دستفروشی که با یک باند قاچاق درجه سه همکاری دارد به این دلیل که ممکن است اقدام به لودادن آنها کرد ه باشد مورد، تہد ید قرار میگیرد.


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