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The Pear Tree - Derakhte Golabi - درخت گلابی

The Pear Tree - Derakhte Golabi - درخت گلابی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German and +20 more languages

The Pear Tree - Derakhte Golabi - درخت گلابی

Mahmoud (Homayoun Ershadi) is a successful writer and intellectual who retreats to his family's rural estate in order to overcome a severe case of writer's block. While there, he begins to contemplate his life, comparing it to a pear tree in the yard which has stopped producing fruit. From there, the film chronicles Mahmoud's memories of the past, including his love towards his adolescent cousin and his fervent hopes for the future. A searching examination of the Iranian middle class, as well as a touching insight into the frustration and ambition of a man trying to hold onto the dreams of days gone by, 'The Pear Tree' also marks the debut of internationally acclaimed actress Golshifteh Farahani.

Mahmoud, a middle aged writer and poet, returns to his hometown which is a garden in Damavand, in order to write something new. The pear tree in the garden takes him to his childhood years. The old gardener comes there everyday and tells him that all the trees are blossomed except his favorite pear tree. Mahmoud is thinking about something beyond these daily events. The pear tree is an excuse to take him to his childhood and reminds him the first love of his life. Reviewing the memories from the childhood to now, leads Mahmoud to the secrets of the tree's silence.

محمود شاعر و نویسنده، در میان سالی به زادگاهش، در باغی در دماوند می رود تا نوشتن اثری تازه را آغاز کند. درخت گلابی باغ، او را به سالهای کودکی و نوجوانی اش می برد.در این حال باغبان پیر باغ، پیگیرانه، هر روز به او تأکید می کند که همه درختان باغ به جز درخت گلابی مورد علاقه او به بار نشسته اند.امّا محمود به نقطه ای ماورای این رویداد زمینی و اتفاقات روزمره می اندیشد، درخت گلابی بهانه ایست که او را به دوران کودکی برده و اولین عشق بزرگش را به یادش آورد.مرور خاطرات از کودکی تا میانسالی،محمود را به راز سکوت درخت گلابی رهنمون می شود.