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The Painting Pool - Hoze Naghashi - حوض نقاشی

The Painting Pool - Hoze Naghashi - حوض نقاشی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

The Painting Pool - Hoze Naghashi - حوض نقاشی

Maryam and Reza are a married couple with severe learning disabilities. When their son's school work starts to surpass their own abilities, he grows frustrated with them, and after a heated argument, runs away from home. Maryam and Reza are left to struggle with work, money and heartbreak in this affecting exploration of love and family that balances its more tragic moments with warmth and humour. Charming, devastating and unique, 'The Painting Pool' manages to treat a subject often neglected by mainstream cinema with honesty and compassion, and won multiple awards at the Fajr Film Festival.

مریم و رضا با آدم های دیگر فرق دارند، آن هم نه یک فرق ساده، بلکه بسیار بزرگ و آن ها باید تلاش کنند تا به دیگران ثابت کنند این تفاوت بزرگ را با معجزه عشق حل کرده اند.

Maryam and Reza are different from the other people. Can this difference be solved with the miracle of love…?