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The Other - Digari - دیگری

The Other - Digari - دیگری

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

The Other - Digari - دیگری

This movie follows a boy who lives with his mother in a village. The boy has lost his father and needs to travel to Tehran with his soon to be stepfather...

A boy lives in a village with his mother. He has lost his father so he has to travel to Tehran with a man who is going to be his stepdad soon. While they are in Tehran, different events come up.

پسري همراه مادرش در يك روستا زندگي مي كند. او كه پدرش را از دست داده،‌ناچار است همراه با مردي كه به زودي ناپدري اش مي شود به تهران سفر كند. در تهران براي آنها اتفاق هاي مختلف مي افتد...