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The Orange Suit - Narenji Poosh - نارنجی پوش

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The Orange Suit - Narenji Poosh - نارنجی پوش

The Orange Suit - Narenji Poosh - نارنجی پوش

Hamed Aban, a professional magazine photographer, is suddenly affected by a book on Feng Shui and becomes profoundly interested in environment cleanliness and protection. He goes as far as getting employed by the city council, wearing an orange uniform and becoming famous for his hygienic prowess. As Hamed's credit and fame start having an effect on his personal life, he begins to face severe emotional issues which change his outlook. A unique comedy from acclaimed director Dariush Mehrjui that should not to be missed.

فیلم نارنجی پوش ساخته داریوش مهرجویی داستان تحول یک عکاس حرفه ای مطبوعات است که تلاش دارد با پاکیزگی محیط اطراف، به تطهیر روح و روان خود بپردازد و او با خواندن کتابی در مورد فنگ شویی چنان تحت تأثیر پالایش محیط زیست و مبارزه با زباله سازی قرار می گیرد که لباس نارنجی مخصوص رفتگران را بر تن کرده اما...

A story about a change in a photographer who is trying to cleanse his soul by cleaning his surrounding and purify his mind and soul. Ahmed Aban, a professional photojournalist who by reading a book is influenced to clean the environment and fight with garbage, joins the city’s sweepers with the special orange uniform and gains fame with the nickname of “an orange wearing man who has masters”. But his fame and popularity cause his private and family life to suddenly change directions.