The Optimist - Khosh - خوش‌ خیال


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The Optimist - Khosh - خوش‌ خیال

The Optimist - Khosh - خوش‌ خیال

Mahdi is heartbroken and isolated after his wife's death. But soon financial problems make matters worse for him and his only son, Mohammad. Mahdi refuses his brother's offer to give Mohammad custody to him. With the help of Azar, a woman who he has recently met, he tries to gain financial independence. But he fails in his efforts and at last gives way to his brother's offer. But Mohammad refuses to go with his uncle and decides to stay with him and Azar to make new arrangments for their lives.

مهدی با آرزوهای دور و درازش، پس از مرگ همسرش، به همراه پسرش محمد در یك متل واقع در شمال زندگی می كند. با عقب افتادن پرداخت اجاره، برای مهدی اخطاریه می آید. مهدی با برادر ثروتمندش علی تماس مس گیرد. اما....


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