The Old Road - Jadeh Ghadim - جاده قدیم


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The Old Road - Jadeh Ghadim - جاده قدیم

The Old Road - Jadeh Ghadim - جاده قدیم

Minoo, a 47-year-old bank manager, takes a private cab when she can’t find a licensed one on New Year’s Eve. The driver takes her outside the city limits and assaults her. When her husband Bahram picks her up from a police station, she is heavily bruised and hurt. Bahram and his family assume it was just a robbery. Soon, the driver is arrested and confesses to raping her. Minoo, however, insists it did not happen. Her friends and family try hard to make her come to terms with what has happened. Minoo has a nervous breakdown…

Minoo is a 45-year-old successful woman who gets into an annoying accident at the new year's eve .

مینو زنی 45 ساله و موفق است که در شب سال نو، دچار حادثه ای دلخراش میشود.