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The Night Breaker - Shab Shekan - شب شکن


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The Night Breaker - Shab Shekan - شب شکن

The Night Breaker - Shab Shekan - شب شکن

Morteza is a drug addict. His wife and son have left him and he is in over his head. When his supplier Karim sends him to contact a former drug trafficker, Morteza finds himself torn between two loyalties after he encounters his childhood friend Rasoul on the road to Tehran. Rasoul is now an army captain and tries to use his resources to help Morteza get clean. At the same time, Karim desires no such thing, and he is determined to see the drugs delivered by any means necessary. Khosrow Malekan's crime drama perfectly captures the struggle of a man caught between personal profit and a chance for self-betterment, and boasts some stellar performances from its talented cast.

مرتضی مصلحتی جوان معتادی است كه همسر و فرزندش او را طرد كرده اند. كریم كه عامل اعتیاد مرتضی است برای تماس با یوسف، قاچاقچی سابقه دار، او را به چاه بهار می فرستد، اما یوسف كار قاچاق را كنار گذاشته است. هنگام بازگشت ...