The Mother's Kiss - Booseh madar - بوسه مادر


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The Mother's Kiss - Booseh madar - بوسه مادر

The Mother's Kiss - Booseh madar - بوسه مادر

"Sohrab", "Maryam" and their daughter "Nooshin" have a happy life together. Sohrab is very successful in his job, and when is living his life at the peak, it happens for him to meet a woman called "Soosan". He gets attracted to her and relinquishes his family. But thank to the efforts of Sohrab's sister, "Sarvar", he returns to his family and their life lights up again.

"سهراب " و "مريم " در کنار فرزندشان "نوشین " زندگی خوشی دارند، سهراب در کارش به سرعت پیشرفت میکند . در همین زمان زنی به نام "سوسن " در برایر سهراب قرار می گیرد، سهراب مجذوب او می شود و خانوادہاش را فراموش می کند. اما با کوششی "سرور" خواهر سهراب خانوادہی کوچک او خوشبختی از دست رفته را باز می یابد.


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