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The Meeting - Molaghat - ملاقات

The Meeting - Molaghat - ملاقات

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Italian and +20 more languages

The Meeting - Molaghat - ملاقات

This beautifully shot contemplation of mortality, broken into three chapters, examines the ways we view death in contemporary society. We meet Hasti, who bonds with her driver while preparing her husband's funeral before his actual death. The second episode centers on a ritual mortician and a pitman who struggle to deal with paperwork concerning their pre-purchased apartment. The pair feel swindled, and the authorities' lack of cooperation exasperates them further. The final episode focuses on a young couple's meeting at Behesht Zahra, the biggest cemetery in Iran. These powerful vignettes are a refreshing reminder of the impermanence of life, and how beauty can be found in all things.

حكايت غسالي است كه در تلاش براي ملاقات با يكي از مسئولان هستند. ملاقات ميسر نمي شود تا اينكه خود مسئول به ملاقات آنها مي آيد، اما در غسالخانه...

"A Meeting" is a film by three different directors from three different generations: The first one is well-experienced and one of the oldest in his career. The second is middle-aged and still getting experiences. The last one is doing his debut feature. They are looking at death with their own ideas in a country with variety of points of view about it.