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The May Lady - Banoye Ordibehesht - بانوی اردیبهشت

The May Lady - Banoye Ordibehesht - بانوی اردیبهشت

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

The May Lady - Banoye Ordibehesht - بانوی اردیبهشت

A woman edging into middle age must make some tough choices about her life and her work in this engaging drama from Iran. Forugh Kia (Minoo Farshi) is a documentary filmmaker in her early forties who has reached a crossroads in both her personal and professional lives. Forugh has been forced by economics to set aside more personal projects in order to accept a commission from a television network. A thoughtful examination on the importance of following your passions.

Forugh Kia is a mother and a documentary director who lives with her only son. She has a suitor but she is hesitant over whether she should accept his proposal or keep on living with her son. Forugh is successful at her job and she is in the process of making a movie about ideal mothers, and going through the lives of these mothers causes different questions for her. She is working hard to finish her new documentary and she feels that at the end of this project many of her personal problems will be solved.

فروغ کیا، زن، مادر و فیلمساز مستند که با تنها پسرش مانی زندگی می کند، مردی خواستار اوست اما او در تردید پذیرفتن درخواست او و یا ادامه زندگی با پسرش است. فروغ در کارش موفق است و در حال ساختن فیلمی درباره ی مادران نمونه است، مرور زندگی این مادران پرسش های متعددی را برایش پیش می آورد.فروغ سخت در پی به پایان رساندن مستند تازه اش است، احساس او این است که پایان کار این فیلم، پاسخی بر بسیاری از مسائل شخصی اش خواهد بود