The Mare - Madian - مادیان


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The Mare - Madian - مادیان

The Mare - Madian - مادیان

Rezvaneh is informed that her daughter Golbooteh is gave birth to a child. She rides the mare and with Rahmat her brother depart for the village in which her daughter lives. In the way she reviews her life. That the rain has destroyed their corps and that she and her 4 orphans are having such a hard life. That her daughter Golbooteh is forced to this marriage for only a mare in return because they are poor. After reviewing these bitter memories she reaches the village and finds her daughter smiling in the bed with her husband sitting by her.

An unexpected rain destroys the crops in a village, which is located on the mountainsides in the north of Iran. Like the other villagers, Rezvaneh and her four orphans are struggling with this problem. Her brother, Rahmat, takes Rezvaneh’s teenage daughter, Golbooteh, with himself to the city. There, he suggests Ghodrat, the tradesman whose wife is a barren woman, to marry Golbooteh. After a while, Ghodrat, accompanied by his father and his brother-in-law, comes to the village to propose Golbooteh. Moreover, with themselves they have brought a white mare in return to this marriage. While the necessities for the marriage is getting provided, Golbooteh protests and gets away. Rahmat, Ghodrat, and Jan-Ali look for Golbooteh, and they find her in the middle of the forest. Being angry with Golbooteh, Rahmat starts flogging her; however, Rezvaneh prevents him. As she is also afflicted by her child’s agony, Rezvaneh sends the groom’s family away; thus, the wedding is disrupted. Rezvaneh looks after her daughter for a while. Thereafter, Golbooteh consents to that marriage. The elder member of the family, named Mashhadi-Bagher, mediates between the two families; thereby, the wedding ceremony takes place. After a year, Rezvaneh and Rahmat go to visit Golbooteh and Ghodrat, who have a baby now.

در روستائی بردامنه کوه های شمال ایران ، باران بی موقع باعث خرابی مزارع شالی و از دست رفتن محصول می گرد د. "رضوانه" همراه با چهارفرزند یتیم خویش ، ھمچون دیگر روستاییان درگیر این مشکل است. "رحمت" برادر او در سفری که به شهر دارد ، "گلبوته " خواهرزاده نوجوانش را به همراه میبرد و در آنجا به "قدرت " - دکان دار طرف معامله اش که همسری نازا دارد - پیشنهاد ازدواج با گلبوته را می دهد. مدتی بعد قدرت به همراه پدر و برادرزنش به خواستگاری گلبوته میرود، درحالی که مادیانی سفید به عنوان شیربها به همراه آورده است. مقدمات ازدواج تهیه می شود که گلبوته به اعتراض فرار می کند، رحمت، قدرت و "جانعلی " به جستجوی گلبوته می روند و او را در میان جنگل مییابند. رحمت خشمگین از عمل دختر او را به شلاق میبندد و رضوانه به حمایت از گلبوته مانع می شود و دردمند از رنج فرزند ، خانواده داماد را می راند و عروسی بهم میخورد . مادر به تیمار دختر می نشیند. چندی بعد گلبوته اعلام رضایت به ازدواج می کند . "مش باقر " بزرگ فامیل ، میان دو خانواده وساطت می کند و مراسم عقد بپا می شود . سال بعد رضوانه و رحمت به دیدار گلبوته و قدرت که صاحب فرزندی شده اند، می روند.


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