The Man Who Knew too Much - Mardi ke ziad midanest - مردی که زیاد میدانست


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The Man Who Knew too Much - Mardi ke ziad midanest - مردی که زیاد میدانست

The Man Who Knew too Much - Mardi ke ziad midanest - مردی که زیاد میدانست

A young employee named Mehraban who is unhappy with his hard life meets a mysterious old man dressed in black. The old man says he will get Mehraban what he wants on the condition that he make the right use of his opportunities. Mehraban agrees. The old man leaves a newspaper with him dated three months in the future reporting the war between Iran and Iraq. Mehraban makes a lot of money by purchasing essential goods, hoarding them and then selling them later at much higher prices during the war. However he loses his fiancee and breaks with his friends. The mysterious old man appears again. He tells him he has abused his privileged opportunity and not to continue on the wrong path; on their last meeting he tells him he has become a monster and he must either to go back to his former life or die. The fear of death causes Mehraban to donate his illegitimate funds to charities and return to his honorable life.

"جواد مهربان " از زندگی یکنواختش خسته شده است. به پارکی در شهر میرود، از آنجا با پیرمردی روبرو میشود، پس از مذاکرات اولیه روزنامهای از پیرمرد مرموز بجای میماند. جوان روزنامه را می یابد و متوجه میشود که زمان روزنامه (تاریخ آن) چند ماه آینده است. از این فرصت استفاده کرده و پولدار می شود و برای بیشتر پولدار شدن دست به هرکاری میزند سرانجام روزنامه دیگری دریافت می کند که چندی بعد در اثر حادثه ای خواهد مرد. ترس از مرگ، او را متوجه عاقبتش نموده و سعی می کند همه اموال بادآورده را به نحو مقتضی واگذار کند و علیرغم تمام کوششی که برای گریز از حادثه در روز موعود دارد، واقعه رخ میدهد ولی او فقط مجروح می شود . پیرمرد به بیمارستان می آید، روزنامه دیگری برای جواد مهربان میگذارد ، جواد با ترس و لرز روزنامه را باز می کند . خبر دیگری حاکی از اشتباه در مورد مصدوم و مقتول حادثه تصادف در شماره قبل است !

Javad Mehraban is tired of his routine lifestyle. He leaves his house and goes to a park. He meets an old man in the park, and after some conversations, the old man goes and leaves some mysterious newspaper behind. The man looks at the newspaper and realizes that its release date is several months ahead. He takes advantage of this unusual opportunity, gets rich and does almost everything to become more prosperous. Eventually, he receives another newspaper which indicates that soon he will die in an accident. The fear of death makes him think about his end. He also gives away all the bad money he has earned. Despite all the efforts he makes in order to escape the accident, it occurs on the promised day. But he only gets wounded. The old man comes to the hospital and leaves Javad another newspaper . There are news about an error in referring to the injured person and the one who died in the accident which was mentioned in the previous copy!


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