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Artery - Shahrag - شاهرگ

Artery - Shahrag - شاهرگ

Artery - Shahrag - شاهرگ
User Rating

A severed, buried map comes back to haunt its owners in this psychological thriller taking place after the revolution. In his mad quest for its pieces, General Azdi finds Mansoor, a young man trying to turn his life around and forces him into his old tricks. Mansoor encounters Major Farzin in his troubles and his life will never be the same. This thriller set in the drug-smuggling, gun-blazing underworld relies on the unexpected rather than the formulaic, a film where a doll could change everything.

Some of the previous regime affiliates have buried a precious shipment in a place and have established a report pretending the shipment is lost. Years later, they decide to bring it out but time has changed the location of the place in which the shipment is buried so they have to search for it. This is a beginning for some new adventures.

سالها بعد از اینکه، تعدادی از وابستگان رژیم گذشته، محموله ای قیمتی را در مکانی دفن کرده و با تنظیم صورتجلسه ای وانمود میکنند که محموله معدوم شده است، به صرافت می افتند که آن را از زیر خاک خارج کنند، اما گذشت زمان و تغییراتی که در جغرافیای محل پیش آمده، آنها را به جست و جو وامی دارد و این مقدمه ی ماجراهای تازه ای است.