The Lost Truth - Haghihate Gomshodeh - حقیقت گمشده


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The Lost Truth - Haghihate Gomshodeh - حقیقت گمشده

The Lost Truth - Haghihate Gomshodeh - حقیقت گمشده

The movie takes a look at three families who are connected by destiny and their lives become related to each other. Masoud Kia who is a university professor, loses his wife and child in an accident. Reza Moghadam who is suffering from a serious illness for years, dies due to some injuries remained from war and leaves alone his wife Leila and his six-year old daughter Setareh. Peyman Ansari who has recently married Sara, finds out that his wife is pregnant. Destiny brings these three families together. Through an accident, a man who has loved his family goes into a frenzy and hates his life. A spouse who has lost her lover and also two young lovers who are forced by the facts and inconvenient conditions to forget about the truth.

نگاهی به زندگی سه خانواده دارد که تقدیر باعث روابطی بین آنها می شود....


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