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The Lizard - Marmoolak - مارمولک

The Lizard - Marmoolak - مارمولک

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese and +20 more languages

The Lizard - Marmoolak - مارمولک

Satirical commentary on clergymen in post-revolutionary Iran. While in prison, petty criminal Reza (Parviz Parastui) comes across a clergyman, sparking a plan for escape. Reza dons his new acquaintance's clerical robes and makes a bid for freedom. He soon learns that being a clergyman brings little respect from the public. Reza travels to the outlying villages, from where he plots to escape the country. However, his plans must be put on hold when the villagers accept him into their community and expect him to perform religious duties. Will Reza's prison break transform him into an unlikely pillar of the community?

رضا مثقالي معروف به رضا مارمولك دزد سابقه داري است كه بارها دستگير و زنداني شده، اما در آخرين دستگيري، اتهام او سرقت مسلحانه است. رضا را به زنداني تحويل مي دهند كه رئيس آن (آقاي مجاور) مردي بسيار سختگير و انعطاف‌ناپذير است. او عقيده دارد بايد آنقدر نسبت به مجرمان ـ با روش هايي خاص ـ سخت گيري كند كه حتي فكر اعمال خلاف به مغزشان نرسد. و معتقد است زندانيان را به زور هم كه شده بايد وادار به درستكاري كرد تا به بهشت بروند. رضا در حادثه اي مجروح مي شود و به بيمارستان خارج از زندان منتقل مي شود. در آنجا لباس يك روحاني بيمار را مي ربايد و در لباس روحانيت موفق به فرار از زندان مي شود.

Reza Mesghali, also known as Reza the Lizard, is a thief who had been caught and sentenced many times;. This time, he is arrested because of a heist. The warden ,Mr. Mojaveris so strict and austere. His conviction is to put so much pressure on prisoners so that they won't commit any crime once freed. But Reza, when sent to the hospital for treatment, is able to slip past the guard and escape by wearing the clothes of a cleric who was in the hospital too.And this is the beginning of an intresting story.


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