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The Liar Shepherd - Choopane Dorooghgoo - چوپان دروغگو

The Liar Shepherd - Choopane Dorooghgoo - چوپان دروغگو

The Liar Shepherd - Choopane Dorooghgoo - چوپان دروغگو

Based on a popular children's folktale, 'Liar Shepherd' tells the story of a community on the lookout for a new shepherd in a neighbouring village when theirs is lost in a terrible accident. When a young boy named Ali is sent to take up the reins, the village is suspicious of his abilities. However, once his proficiency is proven, he is left in charge of the herd, while his sister Rhobab helps around the house. However, when the young shepherd is tasked with leaving a sickly mule to be eaten by wolves, he is forced to tell a lie, and then live with the consequences. An intriguing insight into the mind of a child, no matter how mature he may seem.

Following the fall of the shepherd from the mountain and the wolves attacking the herd in a village, the inhabitants decide, after a lot of consultation, to choose Alimorad and his sister, Robab, as the shepherds. The rustic people believe that Alimorad may not be able to do the job, for he's too young. So they decide to give Alimorad a mission to examine him. Then, after some consultation, they demand Alimorad to take an old mule to the jungle, so that the wolf will stop attacking the herd. Alimorad finds another solution and when returning, he has to lie. The inhabitants expel him from the village, but the shepherd has many things to say that seem weird to the people to prove his rightfulness.

در پی سقوط چوپان ده از کوه و همچنین حمله گرگ ها به گله اهالی روستا، آن ها پس از مشورت های زیاد، سرانجام تصمیم می گیرند که « علیمراد» و خواهرش «رباب » را برای چوپانی گله انتخاب کنند.
اهالی روستا معتقد هستند که علیمراد برای کار چوپانی بسیار جوان است و ممکن است از پس این کار برنیاید و تصمیم می گیرند مأموریتی به علیمراد بدهند تا او را امتحان کنند. و سپس در پی تدبیری که در مشورت جمعی به آن رسیده اند از علیمراد می خواهند تا قاطر پیری را به میان جنگل برده و برای گرگ ها رهایش کند تا بدین ترتیب مانع حمله مجدد گرگ ها به گله شوند...
«علیمراد» در عمل به راه حل دیگری می رسد و در بازگشت ناچار از گفتن دروغ می شود، اهالی او را از روستا می رانند، اما چوپان برای اثبات حقانیت خود حرف هایی دارد که به زعم اهالی بسیار عجيب است...