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The Legend Of A Sigh - Afsaneye Aah - افسانه آه

The Legend Of A Sigh - Afsaneye Aah - افسانه آه

The Legend Of A Sigh - Afsaneye Aah - افسانه آه
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"The Legend of A Sigh" is a fantastical story which explores the hardships and strengths of women in Iran. Based on the mythology of Azerbaijan, it begins when a woman accidentally summons a mystical being with the power of her sigh. The being then shows her the lives of four women from different social backgrounds, each of whom are far worse off than her but remain strong nonetheless. Can she draw strength from their stories, and be healed by the magical being inside the sigh? An almost Dickensian tale of magic and strength in the face of adversity.

بیوه ای ثروتمند اما افسرده به شدت احساس پوچی می كند و قصد خودكشی دارد. وی در گذشته بین یك خواستگار ثروتمند و یك خواستگار هنرمند، مرد ثروتمند را ترجیح داده است. از سر دلتنگی آهی می كشد و «آه» در هیبت جوانی سفیدپوش و گیسو بلند ظاهر می شود و


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