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The Last Plan - Akharin Naghsh - آخرین نقش

The Last Plan - Akharin Naghsh - آخرین نقش

The Last Plan - Akharin Naghsh - آخرین نقش
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Arsham Sarkisian is an Iranian Christian painter who resides abroad. Twenty years ago after his mother's death he sold everything, including his mother's paintings, a collection of Christian saints' icons, and immigrated. He returns to Iran to collect these paintings and is informed that his friend, Steve, who had become a chemical weapon victim when he was a soldier, has died. This news gets Arsham involved unwantedly. He meets new people and goes down a new path.

آرشام سرکیسیان نقاش ایرانی و مسیحی که خارج از کشور زندگی میکند و بیست سال پیش بعد از مرگ مادرش، با فروش همه چیز از جمله تابلوهای مادرش، مجموعه ای از شمایل قدیسین مسیحی، مهاجرت کرده بود برای جمع آوری این تابلوها به ایران بازمی گردد که خبر شهادت دوستش استیو را میشنود.


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