The Last Fiction - Akharin Dastan - آخرین داستان


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The Last Fiction - Akharin Dastan - آخرین داستان

The Last Fiction - Akharin Dastan - آخرین داستان

After defeating the Nether world, the king of Persist, decides to destroy the Devil. He leaves the power to Prince Zahak. The Evil reappear in Zahak's soul.Kaveh, a blacksmith, leads a revolt. Will the eternal battle between darkness and light end ?

At a time when the shadow of “Ahriman” fell over the lands, King Jamshid, together with an army of his allies, faces the army of Ahriman. With the will of “Yazdan“ (God), Jamshid beats Ahriman’s army. He becomes King and proud of his conquest he acclaims that his victory is that of God's. He calls on his allies to conquer the lands of the Ahriman and to hunt them down. However, Yazdan forsakes him and thus takes away his glory. Alone, Jamshid falls to greed and an insatiable madness. He leaves his daughter “Shahrzad” and bids the Council of Ministers that Mardas, the ally of the southern lands, should be king in his absence. The following day, Jamshid, together with an army of his best soldiers, sets out for the northern lands to hunt down Ahriman. He never returns. Mardas dies and according to the command of the Council, Madras’s only son, Zahhak, is to take over Jamshid’s throne on behalf of his father. Alas, Zahhak’s very presence is pregnant with darkness. This darkness falls over the city and Jamkard delves into gloom and terror.

در دوراني که سايه "اهريمن" بر سرزمين ها سيطره يافته، "جمشيد کي" با سپاهي متشکل از متحدانش و با تکيه بر فرّ خود در مقابل سپاهيان اهريمن صف آرايي مي کند، به خواست "يزدان" جمشيد بر اهريمنيان ظفر مي يابد. جمشيد بر تخت تکيه زده و مفرور از ظفر، خود را داراي فراست ايزدي مي داند. وي متحدان را براي اشغال سرزمين هاي ديگر و شکار اهريمن فرا مي خواند اما يزدان از وي روي بر گردانده و فرّ و فراست جمشيد را از وي مي ستاند.جمشيد تنها ، گرفتار طمع و جنوني سيري ناپذير مي شود. وي دخترش "شهرزاد" را تنها مي گذارد و به شوراي وزراء وصيت مي کند تا در زمان غيابش "مرداس" متحد و والي سرزمين هاي جنوبي بر تختش تکيه زند. جمشيد فرداي همان روز با سپاهي از غيورترين سربازانش براي شکار اهريمن عازم سرزمين هاي شمالي مي شود و ديگر هيچ گاه باز نمي گردد. مرداس مرده است و به دستور شورا تنها فرزند و جانشينش "ضحاک" به نيابت از پدر بر تخت جمشيد تکيه مي زند، اما صد افسوس که وجود ضحاک، آبستن پاره اي از تاريکيست. تاريکي وجود ضحاک بر شهر سيطره مي يابد و جمکرد در تاريکي و ترس غوطه ور مي شود.


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